Prizes! For helping me come up with a good title…


Thanks to the London Writers’ Club, I’ve finally been booted into blogging – so now it’s time for the other helpful suggestion: a good title. The way I’ve laid out “Learn to Play the Piano” underlines the point (I think) made in the subtitle “putting the “ear” into learn and the “play” into playing the piano” – but you can’t hear it! A free copy of the book for anyone who comes up with an inspiring title.


Thank you to all my friends who still remember I´m writing a book!

Today, Joaquín, an Asturian bagpipe player, asked me how I was doing with it. At the weekend, Araceli, a make-up artist, chef and magician in Vitoria, asked me – and Judith, enjoying idyllic idleness in South Wales, UK,  retired from super-responsible NHS management job, asked in an email last week: thank you for supporting me.

Here´s a little of what I wrote today, valuable I think for the quote: it´s about picking out a melody by ear, which may involve listening to a small fragment of recorded music over and over:

Try and match the first note of the first full bar:  just pick around till you hit it: don´t be shy of listening to the same small slice over and over again – it´s better than letting the music run on and feeling more and more helpless. Also don´t be afraid that taking it apart in this way will ruin the magic: knowing how something works doesn´t detract from the sense of wonder.  In the words of Ian Carr, you “increase the subconscious by invading the unknown”.