Thank you to all my friends who still remember I´m writing a book!

Today, Joaquín, an Asturian bagpipe player, asked me how I was doing with it. At the weekend, Araceli, a make-up artist, chef and magician in Vitoria, asked me – and Judith, enjoying idyllic idleness in South Wales, UK,  retired from super-responsible NHS management job, asked in an email last week: thank you for supporting me.

Here´s a little of what I wrote today, valuable I think for the quote: it´s about picking out a melody by ear, which may involve listening to a small fragment of recorded music over and over:

Try and match the first note of the first full bar:  just pick around till you hit it: don´t be shy of listening to the same small slice over and over again – it´s better than letting the music run on and feeling more and more helpless. Also don´t be afraid that taking it apart in this way will ruin the magic: knowing how something works doesn´t detract from the sense of wonder.  In the words of Ian Carr, you “increase the subconscious by invading the unknown”.


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