Bull gores youth: song, arranged by Federico Garcia Lorca

Ana Martos and I gave this recital several years ago, in my friend Mabel Lanvandera´s studio. Lorca made piano arrangements of various songs, from between the 15th and 19th centuries, to accompany La Argentinita, a famous singer and dancer.
This is a tragic story: It tells of four boys, getting up early to go to the corrida, one in clothes borrowed for the occasion. (Spoken: Please God, let him come in a cart,…A gypsy´s curse? Foreboding? Vision?) On the way they meet with the matorral, the man who brought the bull up, feeding him milk: he warns them that the bull is wicked. The four gallant boys present themselves in the square. Manuel Sanchez calls to the bull – would that he never had. The bull drags him all over the square, and when he finally leaves him, Manuel is bleeding to death. He dies before the confessor comes. They borrow a cart drawn by oxen from the landlord, and take the body back to his widowed mother.