Name dropping – Robert Glasper and me!

Name dropping - Robert Glasper and me!

L to R: Derrick Hodge, kind journalist whose name I´ve forgotten – sorry! Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, and me. I see that Robert Glasper is bringing his scrumptious music to London – heard his band – hey, could be 18 months ago in what we call here “the Niemeyer” – wondrous buildings and space designed by the great Brazilian architect in Avilés. Kind fellow concert goers offered me a lift back to Gijón (I was chancing it because there´s no public transport after 10, and I wasn´t going to miss a moment of the gig) and we ended up in the same restaurant as the band. As we all got into a clinch for the photo, I said to Chris Davis, the drummer, “You´re so upsetting” which was the best adjective i could think of for his playing, which was clean as a whistle, neat, and apparently simple – with something ferociously complicated going on underneath. Robert Glasper immediately asked me ” Are you a drummer?” which, apart from being a huge compliment, because it is my favourite instrument, was a beautifully unstereotyped response. The vibe has us all grinning.