Ouch! That hurt!

I´m taking a practical approach towards learning the piano in this audiobook. But it comes loaded with the hope that it will help you get past, get over, any hurts you have suffered in the past, around music. Probably any singing teacher would agree that they could retire happily if they just had – say, a pound, rather than a penny! – for every pupil who´s sworn themself to silence after being told to shut up, to mime in the concert, been criticised in private or in public. It´s probably universal, and probably in your teens.
My own setback – responsible for my not choosing music as my profession – occurred when I was 14, and my piano teacher asked me to play the first movement of Bach´s Brandenburg Concerto number 5. A past pupil at the school had given the scores for all 6 concertos to the music department, so it was to be included in a concert, with different soloists for each movement. It was technically demanding, and I felt that it was beyond my grasp as a teenager to play this major work. So I asked another piano teacher at the school for help, and his response was “You´re not playing that, are you?” I didn´t. Another girl with fewer qualms bashed her way satisfactorily through it.
The sensitivity that we bring to music is the same thing that makes us so vulnerable. It is my profound desire that this audiobook helps germinate, and nurture, and grow your musical creativity.


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