It´s true! Jazz is like talking!

“Brain scans of jazz musicians unveil language and music similarities.”
Look what I found in medical news today. If you check out the article there are some very pretty pictures of what happens in musicians´ brains when they´re trading fours. And I thought “Jazz is like talking” was just a pretty metaphor – until this morning.

“Jazz is like t…

“Jazz is like talking”, Ian Carr, trumpet player and jazz educator, during a jazz summer school in Hull, sometime in the ’80s.

Hearing this was a lightbulb moment for me.  I thought  how odd it would be if we were prevented from talking until we could read and write.  Just pause for a moment, to take that in.

We learn to talk by listening, imitating, babbling, making sounds and having the sounds reflected back to us by the people around us.  Our efforts are encouraged, and we intuit the structures of language, learning by doing.  Quite a lot later, but still rather too early in my opinion, we learn to read and write.  Why not learn to play the piano the same way we learn to talk?

Ebony and ivory

I hope they don´t any more kill elephants to make pianos.  I wasn´t going to write about that – suddenly it´s just taken me somewhere else. OK, here´s a poem from years ago, written for a great drummer.

I want to come back as an elephant,

because I hope there still will be elephants,

and I want to live a long life

with you

and we wouldn´t have to play quiet

unless we wanted to.