“Reggae´s never going to catch on”

In the late 60s, I had the privilege of getting to know Horace Ove, Britain´s pioneer black film maker, and Mary, and their children, tiny then, and hanging out at their house on Sundays, when they always had a load of friends round. It was my first experience of that kind of wonderful sociable hospitality. Horace had made a documentary about reggae, filming the first ever “Reggae sunsplash”, with Bob and marcia Griffiths singing “Young Gifted and Black”, the Maytals “Talking about that Big Monkey Man” – and I distinctly remember we were talking about how it didn´t look likely that reggae was going to catch on! 45 years on the music from one small island has conquered the globe.
Had just written the above when I got news of Horace´s 80th birthday celebrations – wish I could get there! Please, anyone near Crouch End go on my behalf!