Getting back on the horse – they say you should, when you´ve fallen off

Completing a first draft led me to neglect my blog.  But it turns out that flow feeds in in multiple ways.

This week it´s been  great to have a new student.  Combining piano, and English (I´m here in Spain, where learning English  is more of a psychological trauma than a language).  Apart from the pleasure of getting to know someone new, (competent and busy engineer with a family) it´s always good to be reminded of basic facts.  Like, no-one is an absolute beginner.  There´s always a desire to play, usually showing in childhood: and often a block – in this case, finding it hard to understand written music.  There´s a starting point – something he or she can already play, or would like to.  And lots of things to get right first off: how to sit well, how to hold yourself – ok guys, I didn´t mean that – and I´ve covered it in my book, and that´s reassuring for me.
It encourages me to hope that people will find it easy to access the resources in the audiobook in the same way as when I´m sitting next to them at the piano.  You remember a tune you picked out once?  Ok, let´s hear it.  What key is it in?  How can we identify this? Listen for the key note / construct the scale: or check out which scale has the same notes in in the scale table.  You want to play something to go with it in the left hand? Let´s see what chords naturally occur in that key.  How I´m longing to be able to bring out this audiobook as a multimedia experience where you can just click on links!  I´m battling to make it linear and sequential, when it really needs to be four dimensional!


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