A giant step for me, a tiddly one for mankind

A giant step for me – just sent off a draft of the first half of my forthcoming book (I´m practicing saying this!) “Play it by Ear” to friends to comment on.  The last time I did it, which was a long time ago, because I´ve been working on this for years, I made the mistake of sending it to dear friends who themselves lack confidence – and didn´t hear a thing back! Years later one of them told me that she hadn´t understood a phrase, but hadn´t liked to say so.
This reminds me of a story…from Liverpool, really a long time ago. Some friends from Scottie Road, the heartland of Liverpool as it was in the the last century, and still no doubt keeping that heart beating now, went to a workshop on self-assertiveness, then a totally new concept. My friends, from a background of strong female solidarity, hadn´t appreciated being told to say “no” to a request to babysit,for example, in the interests of “time for myself, setting limits, etc”. When no-one returned to take the second lesson, the teacher couldn´t understand why no-one had been able to say to her why they didn´t want to come back.  My friend had to point out to her that if the women were coming to a class on self- assertion, it wasn´t because they felt confident to tell the teacher she´d got it wrong!
This time, I´ve sent out my draft to friends who´ve supported me by showing interest, some of them over a considerable time – and I´m already so heartened by the response.