noodling – doodling with notes

I can love the sound, the simple song, that my fingers make, idling in C major:  I can love the scrunchy chords that they encounter when I let go of controlling where they go:  I can satisfy myself rhythmically with a reassuring riff – I can love how I play a melody, the feeling world of my playing, when I simply let my heart do the talking, and am focussed in the emotional process, having left the mental strife behind.  I can show myself the generosity I show to other people, in encouraging them – I learn to love what I can play.  I learn to love myself in new ways. I learn to gift myself with rewards in new ways.  My heart is connected to my future art – my heart knows that this book is welcome, and welcomed – my love is flowing from the future to me, sat here, knowing that it is time.

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