Science for everyone: my #RallyforScience remarks

Science for everyone: my #RallyforScience remarks

standing up for science! (sitting down actually, to read this interesting blog…)

The Contemplative Mammoth

I gave these remarks at the Rally to Stand Up for Science today in Copley Square, to a crowd of several thousand scientists and science supporters. We had a wonderful, diverse group of speakers, which was so refreshing. I encourage others to post their remarks, because they were so wonderful. We all had different touchstones, and I wanted to talk about why science for the people means so much to me. One thing that was interesting was realizing that writing for speaking is very different from writing for reading. I did a lot of editing on the fly because it would sound more natural, for example. don’t think I even began to communicate what was in my heart, but it’s a start. 

Hi. I’m a scientist. But I wasn’t born one.  In chemistry, we talk about catalysts — agents of change that help foster reactions. There were two real catalysts…

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