Taking my own medecine

I´ve made no new posts for months, nor any progress on the audiobook, because I´ve been laid up in hospital.  But I´m back in England now, and just yesterday played the piano for the first time in nearly seven months.  I simply hadn´t wanted to try before then.

It hadn´t occured to me  that though I couldn´t at first walk very far, that I would also lose so much muscle in my hands.  But each day I walk further: and starting to practise again reminds me what it´s like for a beginner, teaching your hands new tricks. Playing scales very slowly, and paying attention to getting the key right down.  Haven´t tackled finger exercises yet, but a friend commented how useful they were for combatting her arthritis.

From the book:

 Practise hints – for all scales: – bookmark this!

Practise the scales with the left and right hands separately before playing them with both hands together. 

Start steadily and slowly.  Aim for accuracy.  Although fingers and thumbs don´t have the same strength or length, aim above all for an even touch, giving even-ness of tone.  Practise them  loudly, softly, legato (smoothly) staccato (short).  For the moment, practise 1 or  2 octaves.  

When you can play a scale keeping steady time, without hesitation –  speed up, a notch at a time: that´s to say, with the help of a metronome, set it to a slightly faster speed, and practise the whole scale at the new speed. 

If you´ve got a keyboard with effects, play along to a rhythm.