Cliff hanger – will she, won´t she?

Will she, won´t she ever finish this book, “Play it by ear”?  Watching out of the corner of my eye the denouement to an action film, set me to wondering how you could make drama out of the final moments of getting ready to go to press – or Kindle, as is my case. At the time I was going through the text removing the () I had put on either side of the numbers for fingering.
It´s not even a book: although a beautifully illustrated book with a CD remains my dream. My first shot is as an audiobook, with Audible, but I have to publish as a Kindle first.
I´ve ignored all the good advice (about setting deadlines and sticking to them) but am comforted to find that “easy” really “does it”. In the last months I´ve had the text professionally copy-edited, recorded the text for the audiobook: I still have diagrams to go for the ebook, and the recording of the piano sounds, the editing and the mastering for Audible.
Even in small things, happy coincidences are coming to my aid: the other morning I lost half an hour´s worth of corrections that I´d already made: result, I was returned to the very place where I needed to make some more, and I started saving every page as I went!  I´ve been so spoilt with Scrivener, that I´ve forgotten these basic habits. The biggest and best of these happy coincidences was when my hardworking and always busy friend, Sarah Tobias, saxophonist extraordinaire, unexpectedly found herself with unbooked up time – came out to holiday with me, and put my nose to the grindstone! That´s how I got the recording of the text for the audiobook done.
Perhaps the best thing about all this, is that despite going over and over, listening, correcting, I still like what it says and I still like how it sounds.
That´s quite something.